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  • iBot Live!
    iBot Live! is a web-based application service powered by our iBot application, which provides the following features:
    *Sales Module
    *Customer Service Module
    *Employee Module
    *Integration Module
    *Administration Module
    *Report Module

    iBot lowers our customers' cost, because:
    *No Dedicated Servers
    *No Software Installation
    *No Maintenance
    *Automatic Software Upgrades

  • Consulting
    Our consulting services approach is effective because we understand our customers' need to operate at a low budget while staying competitive. We listen to what our customers need and provide them the most needed features while planning ahead for future growth. The result is viable solutions today at a very low cost and possible expansion with pluggable new modules in the future.

  • Development
    We do software development using cutting edge Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology, the leading enterprise level information technology. With solid experiences and advanced methodology, the software we developed is highly flexible, scalable, reliable, and maintainable.

  • Custom Solutions
    Nowadays, many products are available on the market to fill various needs. However, each business is unique. Quite often, our customers can not find an all- in- one solution that works with their business practices. So they have to use multiple systems to finish one task, even bending their practices to fit in inflexible systems. With our custom solutions, our customers can work with one application to finish all their tasks and still keep their unique practices.

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